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[texts]Recipe Manual
Picture Recipe Manual draft copy, produced under grant
Keywords: Daily Living
Downloads: 349
[texts]Techniques for Daily Living Curriculum Guides Developed by Child Care Staff - Illinois Braille and Sight Saving School
Workshop, Jacksonville, Illinois, August 10 through 28, 1970.
Keywords: Daily Living
Downloads: 220
[texts]Why Back Support is Important
Back support is essential for all ages. With the availability of Daily Living Aids , finding the correct support is an easy task.
Keywords: Daily Living Aids
Downloads: 6
[texts]Why Back Support is Important
Back support is essential for all ages. With the availability of modern Daily Living Aids, finding the correct support is an easy task.
Keywords: Daily Living Aids
Downloads: 9
[movies]Why Back Support is Important
Back support is essential for all ages. With the availability of modern Daily Living Aids, finding the correct support is an easy task.
Keywords: Daily Living Aids
Downloads: 268
[texts]Children and Youth with Severe Handicaps : Effective Communication, A Symposium
August 19-21, 1985
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 43
[texts]Parents' Problems with Exceptional Children - Elise H. Martens
Bulletin, 1932, No. 14
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 30
[texts]Techniques of Daily Living
An outline developed by the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 73
[texts]Plastische Arbeiten Blinder - Ludwig Munz, Viktor Lowenfeld

Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 38
[texts]Rehabilitation of the Physically Handicapped in Homemaking Activities : Proceedings of a Workshop - Home Economics Association
Highland Park, Illinois, January 27-30, 1963
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 76
[texts]Manual of Program Instruction in Kitchen Skills for the Visually Impaired Homemaker - Home Service Staff
Compiled February 1973, Revised March 1974 and August 1976
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 134
[texts]Techniques for Eating : A Guide for Blind Persons - Lloyd C. Widerberg and Ruth Kaarlela
This manual suggests techniques which blind persons can develop to overcome the difficulties with eating which are caused by loss of sight.
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 293
[texts]I Wanna Do It Myself - Carol Gimbel, Karen Shane

Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 28
[texts]Fine Willow Basketry - A. G. Knock

Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 598
[audio]Proverbs - Mike Winnett
PROVERBS Chapters 23 to 25
Keywords: Wisdom of Solomon; wisdom for life; Proverbs for daily living
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED323522: The "FORM" Approach to Reading Forms. - ERIC
The FORM approach is designed to help persons in the senior population with the task of filling out the forms or applications required for a myriad of societal and human needs. The acronym represents a four-part approach consisting of: Facing the issue; applying Overview; Rewriting headings as questions; and Matching information as appropriate responses to the original form. The consistent application of FORM is expected to alleviate the anxiety and intimidation experienced by many adults when f...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Competence; Daily Living Skills; Data Collection; Older Adults; Records (Forms); Skill Development; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED324834: Cookbooks and Good Eating: Cookbooks for Special Populations. - ERIC
The brochure briefly describes approximately 50 cookbooks and related materials appropriate for use with special populations. For most entries, title, author, source, price, and a brief description are provided. Entries include general cookbooks, large print and Braille cookbooks, cookbooks for special diets, cookbooks for special conditions, cookbooks for children and non-readers, recipes on computer disks, and cassette tape cookbooks...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Computer Oriented Programs; Cooking Instruction; Daily Living Skills; Disabilities; Nutrition; Tape Recordings
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED378724: A Bibliography of Materials on Behavior Management in the Home and Community. - ERIC
This brief bibliography lists 26 resource materials for managing behavior problems in the home and community. Suggested resources were published between 1985 and 1993 and cover such topics as general behavior management, self-injury, food and behavior, functional communication training, impulsivity, alternatives to punishment, anger, and preventing antisocial behavior. A listing of 21 publishers with addresses and phone numbers is also provided...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Behavior Change; Behavior Modification; Behavior Problems; Daily Living Skills; Family Problems; Intervention; Resource Materials
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED376324: "Ends Don't Always Meet." 353 Project Final Report. - ERIC
A project was conducted to teach family financial management to a class of adult basic education (ABE) students. Materials on budgeting were provided, and students had to prepare budgets based on various fictitious situations described. After 2 weeks, changes in their situations were introduced so that they had to alter their budgets accordingly. The project showed that ABE students, especially those from low-income families, had little knowledge of budgeting...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Budgeting; Daily Living Skills; Family Financial Resources; Lesson Plans; Money Management
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED321502: Life Skills Mastery for Students with Special Needs. ERIC Digest #E469. - ERIC
A rationale is offered for including life skills in curricula for students with special needs. Life skills are defined as encompassing daily living, personal/social, and occupational skills. Daily living skills include: managing personal finances, selecting and managing a household, caring for personal needs, safety awareness, preparing and consuming food, buying and caring for clothing, exhibiting responsible citizenship, using recreational facilities and engaging in leisure activities, and get...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Daily Living Skills; Disabilities; Elementary Secondary Education; Interpersonal Competence; Job Skills; Skill Development
Downloads: 3
[texts]Code of health of the School of Salernum : translated into English verse, with an introduction, notes and appendix - Ordronaux, John, 1830-1908
Latin and English versions on facing pages
Keywords: Nutritional Physiological Phenomena; Dietetics; Activities of Daily Living; Hygiene; Hygiene; Dietetics
Downloads: 369
[texts]ERIC ED344118: Stop! Look! Listen! For a Healthier, Happier Teen-Agers. - ERIC
This program is designed to help adolescents make responsible choices, take control of their lives, and learn their true interests. The ultimate goal of the program is to make the participant more employable and to direct thinking toward building a personal resume. The program is divided into 14 weekly sessions. Some parts require the student to read and think about what is written down, such as forming healthy relationships...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Career Guidance; Daily Living Skills; Goal Orientation; Self Evaluation (Individuals)
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED307749: Personal Integration Inventory. - ERIC
The Personal Integration Inventory is a "survey" that can be used to look at the life of a single developmentally disabled individual and the extent to which s/he is becoming integrated into his/her community. It focuses on the day-to-day experiences and interactions of people who live in community settings and should be completed by someone who has close involvement with the person. The inventory is intended to help monitor growth and progress over time, to help programs identify needs, and to ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Community Programs; Daily Living Skills; Developmental Disabilities; Disabilities; Evaluation Methods; Interpersonal Competence; Normalization (Handicapped); Questionnaires; Social Integration
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED348599: A National Evaluation of Title IV-E Foster Care Independent Living Programs for Youth. Phase 2 Final Report. Volumes 1 and 2. - ERIC
A National Evaluation of Title IV-E Foster Care Independent Living Programs for Youth was conducted to evaluate the influence of the Independent Living Initiatives, Public Law 99-272, on States' development of programs, policies, and services; and the impact of services on outcomes for older youth discharged from foster care. The first phase of this evaluation was completed in August 1990. This report addresses the findings of Phase II conducted between August 1990 and September 1991...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Counseling; Daily Living Skills; Foster Care; Independent Living; Individual Development; National Surveys; Program Effectiveness
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED302026: How "Special" Should the Special Ed Curriculum Be? Experts Debate Merits of Academics, "Life Skills." - ERIC
The newsletter issue reports on the current debate on the merits of academics versus "life skills" in the education of mildly handicapped students as well as the proposed Regular Education Initiative, a plan to better unify regular and special education. Noted are the increased numbers of students identified as handicapped with the number of children receiving services for learning disabilities increasing by more than 140% in 10 years...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Curriculum Development; Daily Living Skills; Educational Philosophy; Educational Trends; Elementary Secondary Education; Incidence; Mainstreaming; Mild Disabilities
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED303750: Description and Prediction of Age-Related Change in Everyday Task Performance. - ERIC
Traditionally, assessment of the cognitive competencies of older adults has focused on abstract laboratory tests, which have often seemed quite unlike the demands of tasks encountered in everyday activities. Consequently, external validity of these laboratory tasks has been questioned, and their utility for assessing real-world competence has been debated. This study examined age-related change in performance on a measure of everyday competence, the ETS Basic Skills Test, a 65-item multiple-choi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Age Differences; Aging (Individuals); Cognitive Processes; Daily Living Skills; Longitudinal Studies; Older Adults; Performance; Test Validity
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED372308: Educational Resource Manual for Baccalaureate Social Work Field Instruction in Gerontology. - ERIC
This manual was designed to aid undergraduate social work students working in a model field-site program for gerontological social work education. It is based on work completed on an Administration on Aging project in Texas entitled, "A Statewide Faculty Development Program for Undergraduate Social Work Educators in Elder Care." The project's primary goal was to increase the number of social workers with the knowledge and skills needed to work with older persons, especially poor, frail, or minor...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aging Education; Aging (Individuals); Daily Living Skills; Educational Gerontology; Frail Elderly; Geriatrics; Gerontology; Higher Education; Older Adults
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED311683: How To Work and Live in the Real World: Basic Steps for Youth with Handicaps and Their Parents and Teachers. - ERIC
This booklet is for young people with handicaps who are getting ready to graduate from high school and begin working and living in the adult world, with special focus on individuals with cultural differences. The booklet provides advice on completing preliminary, essential tasks of adult living. It also explains the services of various agencies providing adult vocational and independent living programs, such as vocational rehabilitation, social security, and developmental disabilities agencies...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Differences; Daily Living Skills; Disabilities; Education Work Relationship; High Schools; Transitional Programs; Vocational Education; Vocational Rehabilitation
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED355734: Parenting with a Disability. - ERIC
This guide discusses how adjusting to parenthood for some persons with physical disabilities requires additional accommodations. Changes in lifestyle, environmental adaptations and assistive technology may be necessary to make independent child care possible. Project Innovative Parenting (PIP) was developed with the purpose to empower developmentally disabled persons with the appropriate skills and resources to achieve their maximum potential as parents...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Assistive Devices (for Disabled); Child Rearing; Daily Living Skills; Equipment; Infants; Physical Disabilities; Safety Equipment; Toddlers; Transportation
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED352759: Ease Your Living, #1. [Getting Ready for the Day and Getting Out of the House.] - ERIC
This brochure provides individuals with cerebral palsy or other physical disabilities with 24 specific tips for getting ready for the day and 14 tips for getting out of the house. Tips address organizing for the day, getting out of bed, getting out of the bathtub, dressing procedures and aids, obtaining easy-to-use clothes, tying shoelaces, organizing the car, washing the car, and managing a wheelchair...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Assistive Devices (for Disabled); Cerebral Palsy; Daily Living Skills; Independent Living; Physical Disabilities; Self Care Skills
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED389846: Caring for the Caregiver. A Guide to Living with Alzheimer's Disease. - ERIC
This book is designed to take caregivers through the basics of patient care and to give them the information needed to guide them through the medical, legal, and financial issues that accompany Alzheimer's disease. The seven chapters of the book cover the following topics: understanding Alzheimer's; caring for a caregiver; medical update; finances and the law; home safety; day-to-day living; support to ease the burden; and the patient profile (pages for the caregiver to write in pertinent facts ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Alzheimers Disease; Caregiver Role; Caregivers; Coping; Daily Living Skills; Helping Relationship; Older Adults; Social Support Groups
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED368109: Self-Determination. Feature Issue. - ERIC
This theme issue explores the relevance of self-determination for persons with developmental disabilities across the life span, ways in which it is or can be expressed, and obstacles to its exercise. The articles show the futility of enhancing self-determination by teaching choice-making skills if environments offer no opportunities to exercise them; offer strategies for facilitating self-determination; and present examples of individuals with developmental disabilities claiming their right to d...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Children; Daily Living Skills; Developmental Disabilities; Early Intervention; Environmental Influences; Intervention; Personal Autonomy; Self Determination
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED290176: Destructive Dialogue: Negative Self-Talk and Effective Imaging. - ERIC
Destructive dialogue, originating from frustration and disappointment, is an intrapersonal process that always involves a person in a relationship to others and that can be defined as inner talk cast in a negative tone. It is so powerful, influential, and pervasive that it can affect all aspects of a person's life and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The way the mind and body function can be changed by becoming aware and gaining control of the process...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Problems; Coping; Daily Living Skills; Individual Power; Self Concept; Self Esteem; Self Evaluation (Individuals)
[texts]ERIC ED377013: Attention Deficit Disorder in Children and Adults: Strategies for Experiential Educators. - ERIC
Current research suggests that 5 percent of American children are affected by attention deficit disorder (ADD) and as many as 70 percent of them do not grow out of it in adolescence or adulthood. This paper aims to help outdoor and experiential educators understand how a person with ADD thinks and feels, and offers strategies for positively impacting behavior and social and emotional growth of students with ADD...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Attention Deficit Disorders; Coping; Daily Living Skills; Experiential Learning; Outdoor Education; Self Esteem; Teacher Student Relationship; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED290685: Consumer's Resource Handbook. 1988 Edition. - ERIC
This handbook is intended to help consumers exercise their rights in the marketplace in three ways: (1) it shows how to communicate more effectively with manufacturers, retailers, and service providers; (2) it is a self-help manual for resolving in dividual consumer complaints; and (3) it lists helpful sources of assistance. The handbook has two sections. Part I, How to Be a Smart Consumer, features tips on avoiding purchasing problems and getting the most for one's money...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Consumer Economics; Consumer Education; Consumer Protection; Daily Living Skills; Home Economics; Information Sources; Money Management; Purchasing; Social Studies
[texts]ERIC ED294196: Literature and Everyday Decisions: An Essay about the Influence of Literature on Decision-Making. - ERIC
Literature is an artistic expression which teaches human beings valuable lessons about life. Literature invites the reader to share decisions with the decisions of others--the characters seen in literature. Unlike science or philosophy or ethics, which make people say "I understand" and then "I see," literature, as an art, begins with the statement "I see" or "I feel" and then moves to "I understand." Classics like Albert Camus'"The Fall," Miguel de Cervantes'"Don Quixote," the children's book "...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Affective Behavior; Daily Living Skills; Decision Making; Literature Appreciation; Reader Response; Reader Text Relationship; Values Education
[texts]ERIC ED294103: Discharge Policies in Senior Housing. - ERIC
Elderly housing has become a special concept in which level of activity, social support, and social integration may be more important than square footage or closet space. An increased concern among housing specialists has been the ability of traditional senior housing to meet the needs of frail tenants who have "aged in place." As tenants survive into and beyond their 80s, housing sponsors must address the problems of growing numbers of frail tenants...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aging (Individuals); Daily Living Skills; Housing; Housing Needs; Older Adults; Self Care Skills; Social Integration; Social Support Groups
[texts]ERIC ED297490: Leisure and Recreation Behavior Evaluation. - ERIC
The Leisure and Recreation Behavior Evaluation (LRBE) measure is intended for use by direct care staff of mentally handicapped adults. The LRBE evaluates an individual's level of independence for a leisure or recreation behavior on a 4-point rating scale for 30 aspects divided into six major categories: (1) the activity, (2) preparation and planning, (3) awareness of community structure, (4) communication skills, (5) social interaction, and (6) coping--management of feelings...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Behavior Rating Scales; Communication Skills; Daily Living Skills; Evaluation Methods; Knowledge Level; Leisure Education; Mental Retardation; Recreation
[texts]ERIC ED282140: Types of Stress and Transitions and Adolescent Self Image. - ERIC
Although research has suggested that level of social stress relates to psychosocial problems in adolescents and that social stressors impact more on females than on males, past studies have not considered whether gender differences in stress are related to perception of stressfulness or higher levels of experience, and if any types of events consistently distinguish gender differences. In this study the Offer Self Image Questionnaire (OSIQ) was administered to 84 16- to 18-year-old males and fem...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Daily Living Skills; Emotional Adjustment; High Schools; Self Concept; Sex Differences; Social Influences; Stress Variables
[texts]ERIC ED296218: The Relationship of Neuropsychological Skills and Functional Outcome in the Elderly. - ERIC
Typically, neuropsychological assessment has been used to predict various diagnostic parameters. In the elderly, referrals are often made to psychologists for the purpose of facilitating diagnosis of psychiatric or organic conditions, such as depression or Alzheimer's disease. However, psychologists are routinely requested to make recommendations about patients' functional capacity for the purpose of aftercare planning...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Clinical Diagnosis; Daily Living Skills; Depression (Psychology); Institutionalized Persons; Mental Disorders; Older Adults; Self Care Skills; Test Validity
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED286355: [Dr. Winkelmann Stories. Parts 1-6.] - ERIC
A set of instructional materials in German contains six units, each consisting of a dialog (of approximately four pages) between a man and his cleaning lady; a vocabulary list, in English, corresponding to the underlined words in the dialog; content questions and answers, in German; and composition and conversation questions, in German. The unit topics are: Dr. Winkelmann and his cleaning lady; the telephone call; the cold; steaks and salad; the dog's visit; and the birthday...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Daily Living Skills; Dialogs (Language); German; Instructional Materials; Interpersonal Communication; Second Language Instruction; Vocabulary Development
[texts]ERIC ED287924: Coming of Age for the 21st Century. - ERIC
Literature that speculates about the future omits African-Americans. Racism and unemployment have caused this group to swell the ranks of the underclass. Thus, as a group, blacks have been written off as obsolete and useless. Most at risk for joining the underclass is the black male. Because of the way Western males are socialized to be strong and macho, and because of discrimination which does not allow black males to achieve the preferred male image, black men are dehumanized...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; African Culture; Afrocentrism; Black Youth; Blacks; Daily Living Skills; Males; Role Models; Social Change; Social Support Groups; Socialization
[texts]ERIC ED348564: Personal Skills. Facilitator's Skill Packets 1-7. Social Skills Training. - ERIC
This document contains the following seven facilitators' skill packets on personal skills: (1) personal hygiene; (2) personal appearance; (3) locker hygiene; (4) dorm cleanliness; (5) punctuality and attendance; (6) responding to supervision; and (7) teamwork. Each packet contains the following sections: definition of personal skills; objective; resources needed; using this skill packet; presentation steps--activities, role playing, helpful hints, reminders on successful modeling and role playin...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Attendance; Daily Living Skills; Dormitories; Hygiene; Interpersonal Competence; Locker Rooms; Social Characteristics; Socialization; Supervision; Teaching Guides; Teamwork
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED300952: Data on Disability from the National Health Interview Survey, 1983-1985. - ERIC
The report presents data on the prevalence of various types of disabilities among the civilian noninstitutionalized population of the United States during the period 1983-1985. The report includes data on the numbers of disabled persons who reside in the community, their sociodemographic distribution, the severity of disability, and the chronic illnesses and impairments that cause disability. Introductory information identifies highlights, explains disability concepts, and notes sources, limitat...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Age Differences; Children; Daily Living Skills; Demography; Disabilities; Diseases; Employment Potential; Incidence; National Surveys; Special Health Problems
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED348565: Beginning Social Skills. Facilitator's Skill Packets 8-15. Social Skills Training. - ERIC
These facilitator's skill packets comprise eight separate packets on beginning social skills: (1) listening; (2) starting a conversation; (3) having a conversation; (4) asking a question; (5) saying "thank you"; (6) introducing oneself; (7) introducing other people; and (8) giving a compliment. Each packet contains the following sections: definition of beginning social skills; objective; resources needed; using this skill packet; presentation steps--activities, role playing, helpful hints, remin...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Daily Living Skills; Interpersonal Competence; Listening Skills; Self Concept; Socialization; Standard Spoken Usage; Teaching Guides
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED313599: Sampling Bias in Family Caregiving Studies: A Research Note. - ERIC
This study examined the characteristics of elderly persons receiving help from family members as reported in published studies on family caregiving. The data were drawn from 10 volumes of the "Journal of Gerontology" and "The Gerontologist" (1978-1988). Thirty-one family caregiving studies were identified. Although few of the elderly require assistance with the activities of daily living, the data showed that family caregiving studies focused disproportionately on this severely disabled group...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Daily Living Skills; Family Caregivers; Frail Elderly; Individual Needs; Older Adults; Research; Scholarly Journals; Self Care Skills
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED305789: Virginia's Approach to Services for Transitioning Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities. Project VAST. Project Implementation Handbook. - ERIC
The goal of Project VAST (Virginia's Approach to Services for Transitioning) is to develop, implement, and evaluate a model at both state and local levels which ensures that students with disabilities who move through Virginia's public school programs and into the community will receive transitional services focusing on career preparation, employment, independence, and successful life adjustment through a formal organized case management system...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agency Cooperation; Cooperative Planning; Daily Living Skills; Delivery Systems; Disabilities; High Schools; Management Information Systems; Models; Program Implementation; State Programs; Statewide Planning; Transitional Programs; Vocational Education
[texts]ERIC ED307023: Everyday Problem Solving: Dollar Wise, Penny Foolish. - ERIC
Research on everyday learning has begun to illuminate some of the relations between activity and knowledge, and thus can help educators reconceptualize classroom activities. For example, how and what children learn about money epitomize many of the differences between everyday and school-based problem solving. The general goals of this paper are to characterize the problem-solving strategies used by children in stores and to show that the knowledge children have is a consequence of the ways in w...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Classroom Research; Cognitive Ability; Daily Living Skills; Elementary School Students; Individual Development; Mathematics Instruction; Mathematics Skills; Naturalistic Observation; Preschool Children; Preschool Education; Primary Education; Problem Solving
[texts]ERIC ED307757: Supporting People in the Community: A Case Study of the Residential Support Program, Centennial Developmental Services, Weld County, Colorado. Site Visit Report. - ERIC
The site visit report describes the Residential Support Program of the Centennial Developmental Services, a community-centered board providing residential services and support to persons (currently 67) with disabilities in Weld County, Colorado. Residential settings include a group home, supported apartments, foster homes, natural family homes, or independent living. The level of support offered ranges from live-in, full-time coverage, to part-time staffing, to follow-along support a few hours p...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Case Studies; Community Programs; Daily Living Skills; Deinstitutionalization (of Disabled); Disabilities; Family Environment; Group Homes; Mental Retardation; Residential Programs
[texts]ERIC ED329035: Deinstitutionalization of Persons with Mental Retardation: The Impact on Daily Living Skills. - ERIC
This review of the literature focuses on the effects of deinstitutionalization (moving from state institutions to community living arrangements) on the adaptive behavior of persons with mental retardation. The selection process for the 18 studies receiving in-depth review is detailed. Two tables detail changes in three categories of behavior for study subjects: (1) overall adaptive behavior score; (2) change in one or more of seven specific types of adaptive behavior; and (3) change in problem b...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adaptive Behavior (of Disabled); Basic Skills; Behavior Change; Behavior Problems; Daily Living Skills; Deinstitutionalization (of Disabled); Longitudinal Studies; Mental Retardation; Meta Analysis; Self Care Skills
Downloads: 1
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